Who We Are


Springs Global Ltd. was registered in Ghana in 2005 at the Registrar General’s Department and with registration number C0004565371. Springs Global Ltd is a multi-disciplinary holding entity of Ghanaian origin, comprising five subsidiaries, working across a spectrum of industries. The Company operates its distinct business portfolio in Ghana targeting Africa as a whole, with the purpose of assisting in the reduction and eradication of poverty in the continent, by the utilization of technology, advocacy, and human resources to create quality, creative and innovative ideas, solutions and facilitation through interfacing laws, education, and development.


The Springs Group focuses on the following:

  • Providing Corporate Training Service Locally and Abroad.
  • Partnering with International Executive Training Institutions to provide Executive Professional Training for Corporate Executive Managers.
  • Providing Governance, Legal and Management Consultancy Services.
  • Providing Educational Consultancy Services.
  • Providing Automation, Electronics Engineering Services, and IT Consultancy.


At Springs Global Limited, we move our industry forward by striving to become leaders in thought, innovation, and international ability. Our number one value is Respect. We Respect each other and believe in Respect for People, Quality, Teamwork, Risk Taking, Urgency, Clients, and Change. Respect is essential in creating a successful working environment and indeed the successful Company we are today. Additionally, we aspire to be creative. Our aspirational values can be summed up in a simple equation:

Imagination + Determination = Innovation

We aspire to exhibit these values and behaviours. These are the principles that guide us toward the realization of our Vision. We uphold, adhere, and reinforce these values by recognizing behavioural propensities and performance.


To become the premier leaders in the provision of professional and corporate training and management consulting services in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa and beyond.


To provide the medium for knowledge dissemination and the application of relevant virtual systems facilitation.


  • Innovative Culture – Deliver creativity and innovation in the development and delivery of our programs and services.
  • Customer Centric – Understanding our customers/clients and prioritizing them in everything we do is a top-level priority at Springs Global Limited.
  • Social Responsibility – Be responsible corporate citizens in the society.
  • People – Empower people to be professionals demonstrating the highest standards of Ethics and Integrity.
  • Results – Endeavour to provide sustainable returns to our stakeholders.

With our Objectives  as our manual, we hope to have a positive and long-lasting influence on your business.