Masterclass Workshop in Compliance and Ethics


Driving profitability through Compliance and Ethics (Meeting needs of businesses)
Companies are constantly seeking avenues to innovate and improve on their products offerings and services whiles keeping operational costs low. There are also complex regulations companies must adhere to and comply with industry and global standards. Customers are more selective now, demanding accountability and holding companies to high ethical standards.
Compliance and Ethics are necessary components in helping companies understand their risks, navigate the myriad of regulations and protect the company’s brand and reputation.
Compliance and Ethics accomplish the following:

  • Help companies assess their risks.
  • Quickly detect and prevent misconduct and corruption by implementing measures to prevent unproductive behaviour.
  • Save the company from becoming a victim of someone else’s misconduct.
  • Shield the company from unwarranted negative media coverage and publicity.
  • Train employees to understand the implications of unethical behaviour and how to report when they notice wrongful activity going on.
  • Lend credibility to the company even when something goes wrong.
    Put simply, Compliance and Ethics goes beyond just obeying the rules, and there is a high price tag for companies and organisations that are not compliant.


  • Banking and Finance officer
  • Human Resource Executive
  • OMC’S Gas and Oil decision makers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Administrators
  • Logistics Officers

FEE: GH¢ 1,550.00, Exclusive of Tax.