Enhancing Operational Excellence through Change Management and Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)

Course Overview

In a challenging economic climate, it is critical for organizations to find strategies for maintaining a competitive advantage in order to survive and stay ahead of the competition. Lean and six sigma as tools for process improvement, facilitate this needed productivity and stability. Lean and six sigma were initially developed as best practices to improve manufacturing processes.
However, their application has extended to business processes across virtually every industry. Lean dramatically improves process speed and reduces waste and helps organizations focus on what is really important. Six sigma reduces variation and poor quality in a process. Lean Six sigma therefore helps an organization maximize value by achieving an extremely fast rate of improvement in the following areas-

  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity
  • Defect/mistake reduction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market growth

Course Outline

This 3-day seminar would provide participants knowledge of the fundamental principles of the
lean six sigma methodology through:

  • Lectures
  • Case studies
  • Open discussions
  • Hands-on activities

Examples of Lean Six Sigma in Industries

Nestle USA: Manufacturing That Sustains

Complying is resource-intensive, so Nestle set out to consolidate its way of managing its standards and all management practices. A new program called Nestle Continuous Excellence (NCE) is being implemented across all plants. It is a management system that consolidates the principles of Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Management, Six Sigma, 5S and other methods familiar to followers of the Toyota Production System and other quality and productivity disciplines.


Six Sigma in Medicine
Valeant reports that it saved $10 million in its first full year of practicing Lean Six Sigma.

Lean IT Thinking Enters the Amadeus Vernacular

Amadeus is the world’s leader in supplying IT solutions for the travel and tourism industry. With recent development in the online and mobile environments, Amadeus now insists that before any IT project starts, everything is in place – from staff availability, resources, and server space. This Lean approach means that there are less chances that the project will encounter a “disconnect.” By first piloting Lean thinking into corporate culture, it can later provide a simple front-end interface that protects end-users from the complexity in the background.

GM’s New Problem-Solving Focus Reaps Savings

Recently, GM identified a shortage of premium 22-inch chrome wheels for its popular and profitable Cadillac Escalade SUV. The issue at hand was that the supplier was unable to make enough wheels to satisfy GM’s demand. Recently, GM has also focused on process improvement and ways to eliminate waste. With consistent process improvement practice and knowledge in saving money and boosting revenue, GM knew just what to do when their suppliers could not satisfy.

Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies Uses SCOR/Lean/Six Sigma Framework to streamline $2 billion supply chain.

Ford Motor Company

Consumer-Driven Six Sigma saves Ford $300 million.

Ellis Medicine

Ellis Medicine saves $1.8M and MC Assembly inspires rapid change using Lean Six Sigma.

Intrepid USA Healthcare Services

Intrepid USA Healthcare Services inspires leadership and doing the right thing using Lean Six Sigma.

Ingersoll Rand

Case Study: Lean Six Sigma improves order quality at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.

Kraft Foods – Impact of Cost Management Decisions

Kraft Foods implemented a Lean Six Sigma program two years ago and has recently upped its commitment to the Lean Six Sigma program. The company is presently facing hurdles in a competitive environment. A focus on improving efficiency and eliminating waste will allow Kraft to cut cost within the production chain rather than closing plants.

FEE: GH₵ 3,550.00, Exclusive of Tax.

DATE: July