Effective Compliance Masterclass

Having an Ethical and Compliant company attracts high quality employees, increases value, productivity and improves an organization’s overall brand and reputation. Knowing how to evaluate the effectiveness of your compliance program and successfully communicating to senior leadership for support and appreciation of your budgetary needs is critical to the success of an organization.
Most compliance managers struggle with ‘where to start from’ or how to measure their compliance programmes and what systems to put in place to build an ethical culture.
This training programme will provide participants with the necessary skills needed to succeed in their roles. In addition, participants will be able determine whether their compliance controls are effective in minimizing violations, building key relationships with other functions of the organization, and communicating to senior management and the board of directors. Participants will learn how to make a strong case for compliance in their organizations and be equipped with report writing skills

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • How to be a valued business partner.
  • How to build an effective compliance programme or improve existing compliance programme.
  • How to compare their compliance programme with best business practices and competitors.
  • How to understand the impact of effective communication about compliance at the workplace.
  • How to gather data on ethical practice in the organization and what to do with it.
  • How to conduct a compliance risk assessment and understand the risk appetite for leaders.
  • How to engage with the stakeholders, board, senior management, managers and human resource executives.
  • How report on the importance of compliance programme.
  • How to identify and train compliance champions and managers.
  • How to build a manager toolkit
  • How to review and update compliance policies.

Participants will be equipped with the tools to make them effective in their roles when it comes to report writing and presentations.

FEE: GH₵ 2,990.00, Exclusive of Tax.

DATE: 6th – 7th June, 2024