7 prophecies of Nkrumah that are happening right now



Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah forever remains one of the greatest gifts to Ghana.

As Ghanaians, we heard about the liberation struggle which saw Ghana transition from a British colony to a republic state in 1957. 

In this struggle, Ghana's founding father did not just lead his people to the promised land of freedom but also left Ghanaians with specific prophecies that are currently being manifested. 

Nkrumah's main purpose abroad was to get prepared to win the battle of independence for Ghana. 

Since he could not fight the anti-colonial fight all by himself, Nkrumah decided to form a strong political party which would help him win the hearts and minds of Ghanaians, who already were resisting colonial rule. 

The party was called the Convention People's Party (CPP). 

The fight for political independence was not an easy one for Nkrumah. He suffered some arrests by opposing colonial forces. 

He also was met with grave political opposition from other local politicians who just felt the approach by Nkrumah was very radical. 

But despite all these challenges, Nkrumah managed to become Ghana's prime minister in 1952. 

He kept this position until 1920 when he officially got elected as president of Ghana under the new 1960 Constitution - Ghana's first Constitution before the 1992 Constitution. 

Today, although we may not have met Nkrumah in person, we remember him for the construction and commissioning of the Akosombo Dam, Tema Harbour, Tema Motorway, Volta River Authority (VRA), Ghana Broadcasting Company (GBC) and many more. Here is a collection of some serious things Nkrumah spoke about in the past that are happening now: